How to do Good Fats...based on YOUR Macro Goals

In the last section, we focused on what are the best Good Fats...and how to use Good Fats as “delicious decorations” for your meals & healthful "cooking accessories" too…

In this section, let's just wrap-up this last MACRO by summarizing the best weightloss tips when it comes to Good Fats. 

Ditching Food Toxins is KEY

It’s Food Toxins that gum up the glucose disposal works in your body (and lots of processes really)…so you want to get them OUT of your daily food choices & substitute them with foods that strengthen your digestion & energy, instead.

And Optimizing your “Good Fats” is a key way to do this!

Let’s break it down:


Don’t lower the recommended Carbs, as the amount of Carbs recommended is based on brain size, not body size…AND don’t lower recommended protein as well, as that would cause muscle loss :()

Good Fats are the thing you can restrict (or not, if you’re going for a Longevity calorie maintenance plan, or hoping to get pregnant/increase your fertility), because then your body can tap into fat stores in adipose tissue and happily use this instead!

Sounds good right?

Ok—and at the same time…you DO want to get your weekly Omega-3’s (while getting LOW with your omega-6 fats/protein choices)…so don’t reduce those^^, either!  🙂

And getting in those 1 - 2 tablespoons of short- and medium-chain fatty acids (like 1 - 2 tablespoons coconut oil or milk) for gut health, energy & fat-burning power could be ideal. 

So you would go lower-calorie on is the amount of SaFAs & MUFAs…so that basically means not adding a lot of extra oils and fats to what you’re eating…and if you’re steaming or water-sautéing your Veggies & boiling your

Safe Starches (cooking, cooling & reheating them ideally for that fabulous resistant starch)…then you won’t need to add extra fats/oils to these foods, and they will still digest well.

However, Dr. Jaminet asserts that rather than being super picky about trying to decrease the Good Fat "delicious decorations" & "cooking accessories"...

Weightloss instead comes from giving your body a nurturing dose (not too much (toxic), or too little (depleting)) of all the macro & micronutrients—while reducing Plant TOXINS (and nurturing your daily cortisol rhythms)--as this is how Weightloss happens!

The Perfect Health Diet:

Daily food apple, from The Perfect Health Diet

18% protein, 30% carbs, 52% fat...PHD Macros for Fitness

and that fat should be LOW in omega-6 fats

Weightloss Tips SUMMARY:

—Add 1 tablespoon or less of Good Fats as “delicious decorations” or “cooking accessories” to your meals…

With fats like whole olives & avocados, this would look like a golf-ball size amount…


—Good Fat “delicious decorations” and “cooking accessories” are the Macros that you can cut, if you are looking to lose weight with a slight caloric reduction.

Just cook starches at a lower temperature or with water, and you can find that they're still yummy & digest well without having to add extra fat to them.


—However, adding in some Good Fat “delicious decorations” and “cooking accessories” with your meal may be a better strategy for losing weight/burning fat however—this is because Good Fats are very satisfying…

And they can literally help you:

Kill a sweet tooth & feel full in-between meals

Fat can be really helpful to make you feel full & satisfied between meals—and having your digestion “rest” without feeling the need to have a snack, can be really powerful for your energy and wellness, too!

So for that reason—I don’t think that skipping “delicious decorations” with your meals is that great of an idea!

Plus, the richness of Good Fats added as “delicious decorations” in the recommended serving amounts can also help you transition off of more processed carbs and sweet-tasting foods.

Good Fats aren’t “sweet” per se…but they are very flavorful and dense.

Two votes for how "delicious decoration" Good Fats (like butter, coconut oil added after cooking, whole olives, a glass of kefir, 2 eggs, ect...) can kill and transform a sweet tooth! So I would say don’t worry so much about cutting them.


—If you do want to experiment with cutting some Good Fats—I would recommend cutting your Good Fat “cooking accessories:”

Skip *heated* Good Fat oils as much as possible. Cook foods at lower temperatures with water...and add some Good Fats after the food has finished cooking.

Adding Good Fats at the end of cooking or when serving your food helps you stick with tablespoon or less amounts...still flavors the food, without making it "hyper-palatable"...and avoids any potential toxic end products from the cooking heat, too.


—And finally: choose the best Good Fats! These include:

And skip most olive oil (unless you know it’s 100% and fresh—in that case, get a small bottle, use after cooking food, and use the bottle quickly so that it doesn’t go rancid).

All right, so hopefully this summary of tips to Lose Weight with Good Fats is clear!

More about how to Feel Great with Good Fats & *calorie maintenance*

With a Weightloss actually need Safe Carbs & Protein at the recommended Eating for Energy that you can have good mucus production, joint health, gut lining integrity, brain fuel, energy and no muscle loss...

When it comes to considering Good Fats however, Dr. Jaminet writes:

“Fat, however, is different. The body has a large internal store of fat, and any calorie deficit will be met by releasing fats from adipose tissue. So fat intake, nutritionally speaking, is not necessary for an overweight person.”

But, there are many nutrients that we need from fat-rich food…like Vitamin A and Choline (from liver & pastured egg yolks)…And you need omega-3 fats & Arachidonic acid too. So you shouldn’t be trying to exclude all fat if you’re looking to lose weight...

52% Good Fats???

I know 52% Good Fats seems like a huge number at first…but if you’re eating meat, dairy & eggs--then it’s pretty easy to do (and an example of how this plays out, is below).

If you’re a more strict Vegetarian, and relying on beans for protein (no fats there) or really low-fat fish like canned tuna…you would want to check your meal to make sure you’re getting ENOUGH good fats…

And potentially work on adding more Good Fats to your meals to make sure you’re reaching a minimal daily amount:

For good hormonal health, take your bodyweight and multiple it by .4 grams as a minimal amount of Daily Good Fats.

How to easily rock 52% (or less)

Ok, so here’s how you reach this seemingly large amount of 52% daily Good Fats. The thing too is that Good Fats are dense in calories, so a little actually represents more calories than other kinds of macronutrients.

Fat calories should come from fatty meats (ribs, fatty cuts of beef like ribeye, salmon, lamb), fatty plant foods (e.g. avocado, nuts), egg yolks, dairy (cream, butter, yogurt, cheeses) and omega-3 food/oils(cold-water oily fish/shellfish/algae oil) &  SaFA & MUFA fats as needed for *delicious decorations* and cooking (coconut oil, butter, ghee, beef tallow, avocados)

Plus don't forget your superstar 1 - 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, coconut milk or MCT oil for the fat-burning & brain energy power of short- and medium-chain fatty acids, too.



A days worth of protein from meats would provide 200–400 fat calories (up to 600 if fattier cuts are selected all the time)

three egg yolks would provide 100 fat calories

the recommended 2 tablespoons of coconut oil/milk/MCT oil would provide 200 fat calories

fermentation of vegetable fiber into short chain fats by the gut microbiome would provide about 50 fat calories

So, so far we’re at 600 fat calories here (a solid number to see if the Weightloss amount works the best for you...Or, almost there with a goal of 1,040 fat calories on this 2k calorie example diet)

Now let’s talk Decorations:

A tablespoon of butter or coconut oil provides 100 fat calories, say you do a 1/2 tablespoon at breakfast (we’re now at 700 fat calories so far)

Plus, let’s add in some Filling Good Fats to round it out:

1/2 large avocado (130 fat calories) (830 so far…and 930 so far if fattier meats are selected) )

So, I’m also going to enjoy 1 tablespoon cacao powder or an ounce of chocolate provides 100 fat calories (930 so far with leaner meats selected)...and 1.5 ounces of hard cheese provides 100 fat calories (we're at 1,030 fat calories now--ding, ding, ding! :)--with leaner meats selected)

So you get the picture! Pleasurable, filling…not hard to do...and satisfying 🙂

Daily amount

So in summary: 1 tablespoon of “delicious decoration” fats at each meal (plus a little more as snacks & your meat/dairy protein selections) is a good way to think about this regular Eating for Energy recommendation (use less for a weightloss amount). And be sure to get in those 1 - 2 tablespoons of fat-burning coconut oil/MCT oil!

(And weekly omega-3’s, too!)

Take Action...and get started Planning your Good Fats!

Download, read & go for the Worksheet at the top of this page, before moving on...

Plan Good Fats in a way that works for YOU.

And complete your Macro shopping list with these Good Fat tips...

Take Action, Jackson 🙂