Module 7

And last, but fabulously not least, of the MACROnutrients…we have Good Fats.

And we’re going to focus on fats that are “safe” to eat, even in large amounts (because they're our core structural fats)…that help you have good hormone balance, fat-burning power, and solid energy!

Module 7: Good Fats

Daily Macros: Good Fats

Let's keep finish up with delicious Good Fats, next. Getting into eating Good Fats…and kicking the toxic ones to the curb…is a research-proven way to both kill your sweet tooth and burn fat.

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Good Fat *Superstar*

Check out how to optimize this *superstar* Good Fat for digestive/gut health/energy/brain sharpness/good cholesterol profiles/muscle-building & fat-burning power...

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Weightloss tips

You can get your weightloss or increased energy wiggle room...when you add or subtract your Good Fats as the Delicious Decorations of your meals...

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