C. Good Fats

Good Fats

And last, but fabulously not least, of the MACROnutrients…we have Good Fats. And we’re going to focus on the fats that are “safe” to eat, even in large amounts (because they're our core structural fats)…and the ones that help you have good hormone balance, fat-burning power, and solid energy!

And that superstar type of fat is called Saturated Fat:

(it’s saturated with positive health benefits).


Dr. Paul Jaminet details in The Perfect Health Diet book that the Safe Fats (SaFA & MUFA fats):

  • Saturated & monounsaturated fats are safe to consume, even in large quantities
  • They're the most adjustable macronutrient of your diet…the quantity can be adjusted up or down to satisfy appetite OR Macro goals
  • On calorie-restricted Weightloss diets, these are the macros to cut

A lot of Good Fats are found WITHIN Protein sources--like fish, meat, eggs and dairy. It may seem like 52% Good Fats is a high number--but you get a good amount of these fats when you eat Protein.

And again, if you're getting most of your Protein from something like sprouted beans/lentils...you would want to make sure you're getting *a minimum* of Good Fats each day to protect hormone balance.

For good hormonal health, I highly recommend getting enough Good Fats. To determine this, take your bodyweight and multiple it by .4 grams as a minimal amount of Daily Good Fats.

What makes them the "Safe Fats"?

Dr. Jaminet details that our bodies can accommodate more SaFA & MUFA fats because:

—they’re the core structural fats, making up 75 - 80% of the fatty acids in most cells

—they're more chemically stable than other fats and not easily oxidized, making them essentially non-toxic…

--and when they’re used in the body (in cellular metabolism or in the liver) they also don’t create toxic end products.


And the Drs. Jaminet share that they can be stored in the body as structural elements of cells, in skeletal muscle, adipose cells…



Safe Fats and Weightloss

And going lower with the "delicious decorations" of Good Fats with your meals is a research-proven way to lose weight by healthfully sustaining a slight caloric reduction. You wouldn't want to cut the recommended amount of Safe Carbs (for brain health, joint health & digestive lining health + lots of valuable micronutrients) OR Protein either...Good Fat "decorations" are the calories you can experiment with going lower in.

More about how to do this in a bit...

However, I just want to re-iterate too that if you are going for changing up the QUALITY of your Protein, Safe Carbs (with daily carb cycling to support good cortisol rhythms), Protein choices and these Good Fats...

You likely don't need to go for a "caloric reduction" module. That is more stressful for your body to sustain...and it isn't necessary.

Eating should be fun and pleasurable--and the philosophy of The Perfect Health Diet is that when you focus on quality and some quantity with your MACROS...and go for optimizing your MICROS...and add in some movement and good sleep...

THIS ^^^ is the best way to lose weight, change your weight set point, and keep it off...all while enjoying what you eat and not suffering. 🙂

Ok! More about Good Fats first before we talk about weightloss strategies more too...

Our ancestral hunger for FAT:

In terms of being satisfying…

—Protein is the most satisfying/filling macronutrient…

—Carbs are the least satisfying (although they have the strongest pleasure/reward)

—and Good Fats are the second most satisfying/filling.

Focusing on eating "Good Fats" (mainly SaFA & MUFA fats...and optimizing your omega-3 & -6 intake)…while kicking the toxic fats to the curb…is a very research-proven way to both kill your sweet tooth…and lose weight/burn fat, woot!

Does the idea of "Saturated Fat" sound scary?

Well, most people have heard the news that Saturated Fats have finally been vindicated as a heart & body healthy fat, from a 40 year study of nearly 10,000 people; the longest running study of it’s kind.

And even more recent studies have found that Saturated Fats are not the enemy…that instead they help:

normalize cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease, as saturated Fats can help change small dense LDL (the “bad cholesterol”) to the large fluffy LDL (the good cholesterol) which helps prevent heart disease.

(Although all kinds of cholesterol are needed for your body to function properly, there is no “bad cholesterol,” we just want the LDL to be fluffy and not hard…and there to be a healthy ratio of LDL to HDL.)

And actually improve cardiovascular health.

In fact, demonizing cholesterol and saturated fats has caused major health problems in our modern world:

Saturated Fat was originally demonized by Ancel Keys in his quest to market a new, man-made kind of fat…Margarine!

He actually falsified & excluded data to do this, all while using a slick & "super convenient new food" marketing campaign…and it had a huge effect on our way of thinking about fat and food.

Saturated Fat has been vindicated by many, many studies as an integral and excellent source of food: for energy, satiety, Weightloss & brain health.


Plus, Dr. Jaminet shares that many of our Paleo ancestors indeed ate 50-60% of their diet as Good Fats…so don’t fear the fat! (And Ancel Keys should be ashamed).

And again, I want to highlight just how fabulous Good Fats are for your body, brain, youthfulness, baby-making & beauty:

Why eating Fat...allows you to Burn Fat:

When you focus on eating Good Fats…

So when you make Good Fats the *delicious decorations* of your meals & non-toxic *cooking accessories*…it allows you to have increased insulin sensitivity…and it reduces inflammation in your body.

And even though it is important to eat *the right amount for you* of Good Fats, I'll just share from my own personal experience that it's pretty hard to over-eat Good Fats, as again, they make you feel super FULL. 

Good deal, right? 🙂


—a study that evaluated the effect of coconut oil (1 tablespoon/day for 8 weeks) on weight loss and serum lipids...found significant reductions in body weight, waist size, and blood triglyceride levels…yay, daily coconut oil!

—and omega-3 fatty acids can boost serotonin levels in the brain, helping to improve mood, increase motivation and help with emotional eating.

—Plus, new taste bud sensors were found on the tongue…and it turns out that we can really Taste the FAT. So not only do Good Fats taste good…they allow you to feel full from your meals…and be able to “stick with” this new way of eating, too!

—And since fat fuels the process of making energy in our cells, it explains why you would Feel energized, and not tired, after you eat a meal that includes Good Fats….plus, who wouldn’t get excited about improving cholesterol levels (transforming hard LDL to the fluffy type) and heart health.

—And back to the justly popular motivation of Burning Fat…a study found that “old” fat stored in the body’s peripheral tissues—around the belly, thighs, or booty (also called subcutaneous fat)—can’t be burned efficiently without “new” fat to help the process.

So you essentially NEED Good Fats to burn excess body fat...Fascinating!

—Plus, getting adequate Saturated fats (and cholesterol) are the basis for having good hormone production and balance, too. 

More Benefits of good fats:

Dr. Mercola writes in his Good Fat-friendly book Fat for Fuel, that Good Fats:

  • provide building blocks for cell membranes, hormones & hormone-like substances
  • allow for the conversion of caratene into Vitamin A
  • improve mineral absorption, such as calcium
  • help to improve cholesterol levels
  • provide satiety = Feeling FULL & Satisfied!
  • are carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K
  • act as an antiviral agent (caprylic acid) = Immune Support!
  • modulate genetic regulation and helps prevent cancer (butyric acid)

It’s Sugar and Vegetable Oils that you want to kick to the curb…and you can do this by replacing these things with Good Fats decorating your meals (and choosing the best fats for cooking, too)***

So, don’t fear the fat! Get excited about it’s transformative and yummy benefits. 🙂

So again: what are “Good Fats”?

Good Fats, as I’m defining them—are fats that your body can put to good use.

Good Fats include "delicious decorations" & "cooking accessories" like coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, ghee, beef tallow, olives & "real" olive oil, avocados & avocado oil...

Good Fats also include the ones found in Protein...like fish, meat, eggs and dairy.

Good Fats can be categorized as either SaFA & MUFA Fats...and you can adjust the amount--and eat them safely--as your body doesn’t treat them as a toxin (this includes things like coconut oil, butter, and whole olives & the saturated fat found in meat and dairy)…

OR essential fatty acids that your body just needs a little bit of (this includes the polyunsaturated PUFA fats: omega-3, omega-6 & Arachidonic acid) because these can become toxic if you eat too many of them.

Basically, I've already spent a good deal of time talking about Good Fats—because they’re a big part of Protein, too!

In the Protein module, I highlighted how our Protein choices are important, because you want to get ruthlessly LOW with your omega-6 fats, and get a solid amount of omega-3 fats each week….and why pasture-raised egg yolks are daily super foods for inflammation-resolving Arachidonic acid...and how eating protein that's rich in saturated fat gives you metabolic energy & good hormone balance, too.

In this section, I went to spend more time focusing on our core structural fats: with are essentially Saturated Fats (SAFA fats...including the superstar short-chain & medium-chain fatty acids)...

We’re mainly going to talk about how to use Good Fats as “delicious decorations” for your meals & healthful "cooking accessories" in this section…

And how they’re the delicious decoration/cooking accessory to limit if you’re looking to lose weight with a *calorie-restricted* plan...OR adjust up or down based on YOUR Macro Goals! 🙂

Fascinating stuff!


Here’s a table of Good Fats—with the ones with the highest Saturated Fat (SaFA) (safe fats) content, at the top:

Keys to rocking Good Fats:

—You want to ruthlessly get rid of as many toxic, damaged Omega-6 fats from your diet as you can—esp oils like soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, and safflower oil and eating nuts & seeds occasionally, as a "pleasure food."

Optimize your Omega-3 fats by eating oily, cold-water wild fish 2x a week (up to 1 pound)…and/or eat shellfish—or use algae supplements too

Optimize your Arachidonic acid (a type of GOOD omega-6 fat) that allows your body to tamp down & fully resolve *inflammation*...by eating 4 pasture-raised egg yolks daily

 Americans tend to eat mostly & too many damaged Omega-6 fats and less Omega-3’s than is optimal...and many miss out on the power of Arachidonic acid (and Choline) when they skip the egg yolks

—And then your goal is to decorate your meal with Good Fats…(1 tablespoon or less per meal)...

while choosing the best Good Fat cooking oils when necessary...

More about maximizing their power, next!