Why get Micro??

Getting Micros....from Daily/Weekly Protein "Supplemental Foods"

Ok, so here's the Fabulous Way to get in some major key Micronutrients on a daily/weekly basis...by planning to eat and enjoy certain Protein foods! 

Module 5 is all about highlighting Micronutrients you can get by going for planning Daily/Weekly Protein "Supplemental Foods"...so that your body has everything it needs to quash hunger between meals & be able to burn fat...and for you to feel energized and resilient.

It's best to get Micronutrients from FOOD when you can...because micronutrients work best in synergy with each other & usually arrive in "perfect combos" in some super-food selections.

In the Action Guide for this module, I'm also going to share Alt Ideas if you don't want to eat these foods too--because truly, even though these foods are not as popular as they used to be--our bodies still expect the nutrition in them in order to be able to thrive.

Overall, it's SO important to get MICRO--and optimize your Vitamins & Minerals...

The Drs. Jaminet assert that you can't lose weight effectively (and keep it off) without trying to do your best to getting the recommended daily amount of each of them.

Initially, it may seem like a tall order--but there are some awesome foods that can get you there AND I have free recommended resource to LEARN MORE about how to get all the MICRONUTRIENTS you need on a daily and weekly basis too.

Let's get started...and get MICRO>

A Planning System:

I love this idea of getting as many crucial Micronutrients from FOOD as you can, through some strategic planning...and the Drs. Jaminet go ahead and call them Daily/Weekly Protein “Supplemental Foods”

A play on words, that you can eat these foods and not take “supplements.” 

So—when you’re planning your Daily & Weekly foods for the week—here are the “supplemental foods” that PHD recommends for “getting in” these crucial Micronutrients.

Why are Micronutrients so important?

  • protect cells from oxidative stress & slow signs of aging
  • generate energy
  • help with hormone production
  • protect the brain
  • help keep a strong metabolism & aid in digesting carbs, protein & fats
  • allow you to feel FULL in between meals…so that your body isn’t “searching” for these missing nutrients (and compelling you to keep eating)
  • be able to burn fat & feel energized…and not be *limping along* with your energy & well-being…missing some crucial operating components that your body expects & needs to function well

It's important to optimize your Vitamins & Minerals (essentially your Micronutrients)...to prevent chronic disease, have healthy children, and age with vitality. And again, I highly want to recommend reading The Perfect Health Diet, as their Micronutrients section is just fascinating! I’m not going to go into too, too much detail here…

As far as being able to burn fat, have good hormone balance & eliminate hunger between meals, Dr. Paul Jaminet writes on their blog:

"If, as I believe, the key to weight loss and curing obesity is eliminating appetite, then it’s important to eliminate any deficiencies of fat-associated micronutrients. Micronutrient deficiencies trigger food cravings, and deficiencies of fat-associated micronutrients will trigger a craving for sweets.

In the modern world, we know how a craving for sweets is likely to be satisfied – by eating sugary, nutrient-poor foods. Unfortunately these foods do not contain the fat-associated nutrients (such as choline) whose deficiency is probably driving the craving. So the craving persists unabated no matter how many sugars are eaten.

…Unsatisfied cravings probably make weight loss extremely difficult.”

Get Micronutrients to satisfy your body's "cravings"


Why *ditching Processed Foods* is so important when it comes to Micronutrients: 

Processed Foods contribute to micronutrient deficiencies--as the fast, typically high-heat processing techniques eliminate micronutrients…and, at the same time, “re-fortifying” foods with added synthetic micronutrients has been shown to not be an effective strategy for our health.


Go for Whole Foods with Gentle Cooking Methods…and optimizing your digestion, too:

With food preparation—you want cook things at a low temperature & be able to eat the drippings/cooking water too, since that is where a lot of the vitamins & minerals end up.

And having good digestion impacts your ability to absorb what you eat (as do certain medications). So making sure you have all the *good digestion support* you personally need is important, too.

So in addition to getting a solid amount of Protein to optimize your Daily Cortisol Rhythm...I think that it's likewise fascinating that you can PLAN your protein on a weekly basis, to get the most nutritional bang-for-your-buck with your food:

Protein Key #5: Plan Protein Foods for key Micros

Important Protein foods to eat for essential Micronutrients we already covered:

  • 1 to 2 meals of omega-3-rich oily fish or shellfish (or see alt ideas) every week...
  • while getting LOW with omega-6 oils, nuts & seeds
  • 4 pasture-raised egg yolks/whole eggs daily, 5 yolks** daily for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant (for choline, folate, vitamin A, Arachidonic acid)
  • 4 ounces of beef or lamb liver, weekly. If you like, substitute 4 ounces of chicken, duck, or goose liver weekly plus 30 g 85% dark chocolate daily (for copper, vitamin A, folate, choline) or retinol Vitamin A daily with supplement ideas


Plus in this module, we’ll dive into:

  • Daily collagen shooters for glycine
  • shellfish, fish, eggs, and kidneys, weekly (for selenium)...
  • plus enough Calcium & Zinc!

And again:

*It’s better to take less supplements—and focus more on planning these daily/weekly foods & getting nutrients from food! 🙂

If you’re LOW in a nutrient—or if you can't figure out a way to eat a recommended food that contains this essential Micronutrient--then supplementing with it would be really important. Like B12, Riboflavin or Iron—these are three nutrients that can dramatically affect your overall health & energy levels when they're low...

Plus I'll share a few food-based supplement ideas if you don't want to eat any of these important daily & weekly foods too.

Let's keep going with planning MICRONUTRIENTS you can get from PROTEIN, with a weekly/daily planning system (with some updated suggestions from Dr. Chris Masterjohn) and The Perfect Health Diet.

Let's get Micro...