Module 5

Module 5 is all about highlighting Micronutrients you can get by going for planning Daily/Weekly "Protein Supplemental Foods" that your body has everything it needs to quash hunger between meals & it's able to burn fat...and for you to feel energized and resilient.

It's best to get Micronutrients from FOOD when you can...because micronutrients work best in synergy with each other & usually arrive in "perfect combos" in some super-food selections.

In Bonus #1, I'm also going to share recommended daily/weekly Supplements too--for some key nutrients that are more challenging to get from just food alone (with soil & water mineral depletion)...

Overall, it's SO important to optimize your Vitamins & Minerals with how you plan your Protein...

Let's get MICRO.

Module 5: Micronutrients...with Daily/Weekly Planning (from PROTEIN)

Why get Micro?

Why Micronutrients are important...and a fabulous strategy to get many of them from daily/weekly "supplemental foods"...

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Supplemental Foods

Here are those important “Supplemental Foods” you want to eat (we're mainly focusing on Micronutrients in PROTEIN here)…And some alternative Ideas if you don’t want to eat them!

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How to add in Collagen (or bone broth or glycine) to your Meals for good methylation &  youthful skin...and how to do it without depleting your Serotonin.

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