Quick Snack ideas & Pleasure Foods:

All right—so wrapping up this investigation of energizing MACROS (protein, safe carbs & good fats) would not be complete without talking about Snacks!

Keep it together with Snacks that give you energy—and help your waistline & good-feeling emotions, too.

When you Eat for Energy/PHD you may find that you need less (or even no) snacks than you did before you started eating this way. That’s because when you’re getting all of the Macro & Micro-nutrients that you need…your body stops “looking” for this nutrition in-between meals.

Pretty great, right?

And some days—you just will still want a SNACK. I personally do eat snacks when I’m hungry between meals. Mostly I’m in to “appetizers” bc we sometimes wait too long to start dinner. 🙂

Snacks are pleasurable and they make life nice! And they’re also a great time to enjoy FRUIT, too. So nothing wrong with some Eating for Energy Snacks.

Just a heads up that you may find yourself needing/wanting them less with this way of eating…which is GREAT for your digestion, and giving your stomach & digestion time to REST between meals (as Dr. Cate calls it—“time between meals”, the 4th Macronutrient)

Ok, first up…what the PHD authors like to call “Pleasure Foods.”

Pleasure Foods

Pleasure Foods are ones that are still good to eat—but you don’t want to rely on them as a main source of Protein or Good Fats...

--either because they’re high in omega-6 fats (which we’re not wanting to go overboard on them, since we only need a small amount)…

--or they’re calorie-rich (and well, super taste-rich too, yummy).


Pleasure Foods that PHD emphasizes, include:

  • Dairy
  • nuts
  • chocolate
  • alcohol
  • coffee/tea
  • honey, and sweeteners (Rice syrup, Tapioca syrup, Stevia, Erythritol, Glycine powder)

And these Pleasure Foods do make great Snack ideas too.

More Quick Snack Ideas

I know many people may be looking for Quick Snack ideas that are easy…as this way of eating does call for making most of your own food (I told my sister recently that it’s called the “pain in the butt diet” because you have to make a lot of the food... 😛 )

But Joie De Vivre as much as possible, if you can! :))…and no doubt, quick snacks that are ready to go make life easier, that’s for sure.


Here are some Quick Snack eating for energy ideas:

These energizing SNACK ideas are organized into Macro you can choose the type of Macros you're focusing on, even with your snack choices, too.

Also, remember--you may not need additional snacks--and it is very powerful to allow your digestion to fully rest in-between meals.

With that said, here are some energizing snack ideas:

Take Action...and get started Planning your Flavor Tricks & Snacks!

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Start planning your Acid, Salt, Good Fat meal flavor yummy Snacks.

Take Action, Jackson 🙂