Module 8

All right--so Eating for Energy should actually be a really DELICIOUS experience. When you get into a flow with these tips & tricks, you literally do not feel like you're sacrificing anything--and instead getting lots of benefits.

I'm going to share a few extra tips to make your MEALS delicious (with an essential combo that rivals McDonald's), a Macro Review QUIZ wrap-up...and then Make a Weekly Meal Plan that works for you!

Module 8: Make it Delicious + Let's Plan!

Delicious Meals

An easy flavor combination trick to make your MEALS delicious...

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Snacks that give you energy—and help your waistline & good-feeling emotions, too--are key. Avoid being on a "rollercoaster" of energy with these snack ideas.

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Make a Weekly Meal Plan!

All right...let's put it all together with a short Macro REVIEW quiz...and then let's Make a Weekly Meal Plan!

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