How to Make your Meals DELICIOUS

The Eating for Energy/Perfect Health Diet could also be called “the yummy meal diet”…as the way you want to pair together flavorings is actually deeply satisfying.

In fact, there’s a fabulous book about the power & pleasure of cooking by chef Samin Nosrat, called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking...and the title pretty much says it all, in fact.

a "magical" tasty combo

Beat McDonald's at their "game"...

Ok, so you can see why fast food restaurants like McDonald's are so successful in selling food--they combine salt & fat (and maybe a Coke could be considered an Acid :)). It's a winning combination. HOWEVER, you can beat fast food restaurants at their "game" yourself with your own cooking...

When you employ this simple, time-honored delicious meal strategy:

Combine an Acid, a Good Fat & Salt.


When I first started preparing meals with this flavor game/combo in husband literally turned to me and said, "Mmmm...."

Woot! I was surprised because I was just trying out this idea, but it had an immediate effect!

He's someone that I've had to persuade to stop eating fast food for lunch, so he's a hard-won taste customer. However, now we all know how to beat fast-food and factory-food producers at their game with REAL nourishing food, instead!

With each meal—you want to add:

--An Acid and/or Bitter Veggies: like Apple Cider Vinegar or a fresh squeeze of lemon...and/or Bitter Veggies like kale, asparagus, broccoli, ect...

Give a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar or a fresh squeeze of lemon over seafood, or a salad, or water suited veggies, or a Safe Starch for better glycemic control

And I highly recommend making it a goal to eat *Bitter Veggies, fruits & spices* with each meal or snack too. This helps promote bile flow (to better digest fats & improve cellular energy & fat-burning too!) See the list here

--Fats & oils: the “delicious decorations of your meals"...

like pastured butter or ghee, coconut oil or milk, whole olives, 1/2 avocado

--Salt: Don't fear the salt! Sodium/salt is a key mineral that our bodies need.

Sodium is lost while we sleep—so sodium, potassium & electrolytes are the things you want to be sure to replenish with Breakfast. Sodium can also be lost with fasting.

And the Drs. Jaminet recommend eating salt daily, as a source of key trace minerals--sodium & chloride. They recommend going for this amount daily:

  • Appropriate amount: about 10 dashes a day, 1 tsp/day on PHD/moderate-carb diet
  • If you’re working out: Eat sufficient salt – at least 1.3 teaspoons salt's great to add Digestive Helpers, too!: In addition to making your Meals yummy by combining an Acid (like lemon juice), Heat + also want to consider adding in a Digestive Helper--for extra yumminess, and to help you absorb all of the nutritional goodness from your food.

Try adding to your meal, Digestive Helpers like:

Digestive Bitters in a little water 15 min before your meal, 1 tablespoon or less of sauerkraut or kimchi, glass of Kefir, real pickles


And other savory flavors:

Umami: The tasty Umami flavor can be found in foods like Shoyu or Tamari (fermented soy sauce), fish sauce, tomatoes, a little parmesan cheese

Stock: bone broth made from bone, joint & tendon and veggie stock too

Plus, use some *Bitter Spices* for better digestion:

All right--so not only does adding in an Acid (like Vinegar) help with better glycemic control with Safe Starches...and make your meals (in combo with a good fat & a little salt) super DELICIOUS...

You can also season your food with Bitter herbs & spices to help stimulate that important Bile Flow--so that you can digest the good fats in your food! And be able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins & minerals, too.

Bitter flavors help stimulate the release of bile, and also saliva, HCL, pepsin, gastrin, and pancreatic enzymes...and literally "get your juices flowing."

So, for drool-worthy (and good digestion-support) flavors...try cooking with fresh & dried Bitter Spices & Herbs.


Bitter makes it Better (for digestion)

Bitter Herbs & Spices:




Burdock root




Chicory root







Gentian root


Hops flowers


Milk thistle






Bitter Condiments

Also, a fabulous way to perk up your meals and compete with Restaurant food & pre-made to make your own side sauces, or condiments--at home.

Or look for pre-made ones in the store that don't use any bad oils...


Some fabulous homemade condiments can include:

Red chunky salsa

Salsa Verde (green salsa--with tomatillos)

Hot sauce

Spicy mustard

Raita (Indian yogurt with cucumber & tomatoes)

Homemade mayonaise

Making delicious MEALS is key!

Meals are meant to be delicious, satisfying & TASTY:

  • A magical meal-making combo: Salt, Acid & Heat
  • Other fabulous flavors: Umami (like Shoyu (fermented soy sauce)) & Veggie Broth
  • Add in the spices (like basil & ginger)...Bitter spices add so much zest!
  • Make your own Bitter Side Sauces & enjoy liberally (like homemade salsa!)