Module 6

Carbohydrates are the least satisfying nutrient (meaning if you eat a bunch of them, you’ll still feel hungry)…However, carbohydrates may be the most emotionally satisfying & comforting nutrient instead!

Plus--Carbs are important for gut lining & joint health, brain energy, and fitness energy...AND you can "strategically cycle" them on a daily basis to help establish a solid daily cortisol rhythm & counter stress and mysterious weight gain, yay.

Let's talk about "Safe Carbs" and how to rock them...

Module 6: Let's Plan...Safe Carbs

Daily Macros: Safe Carbs

Next up...our ancestral appetite for Carbs...and why you need Safe Starches for brain energy, gut health and weightloss. Yumm!

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All right! Why adding Veggies (and a certain type) is great for digestion, fullness & micronutrient energy power...

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Safe Starches

Get your comforting satisfaction ON, in a way that helps your gut, brain, waistline & to plan those yummy Safe Starches.

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Fruit (+ sugary veggies)

Discover more about how much Fructose is ideal for your body...and then let's start planning our daily/weekly Safe Starches! woot.

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