Module 4

All right--now that you've planned out your Macro Pie Chart in a way that works best for YOU>>>

Let's step into greater energy (and setting the platform for your body to be able to burn fat) by getting an optimal intake of macro & micronutrients from your Protein.

Module 4: How to plan your daily/weekly Protein

How much Protein?

Discover more about our ancestral hunger for Protein...and how much protein you should aim for, based on your GOALS.

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Plan Weekly: Protein

For all protein eaters--how to plan your Protein on a Weekly Basis to reduce inflammation & feel GOOD (optimizing those PUFA fats).

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Plan Weekly: Protein (part 2)

Plus, don't forget these Protein Micronutrients: retinol Vitamin A...and Choline/Arachidonic acid!

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Xtra Tips

Food for thought with eco-friendly protein Vegetarian tips.

And tips for everyone when it comes to Dairy & Beans (if you do).

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High Protein Breakfast

And as a way to put this into action right away--go for a High Protein Breakfast (and Lunch) to support Adrenal Health, the ability to burn fat & good daily Cortisol Rhythms, woot.

Download the Protein planning guide & take action.

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