Module 1

Welcome to the Eating for Energy Action Guide!

I'm excited to share how tailoring energizing Macronutrients to go with YOUR goals--and getting in a "perfect amount" of micronutrients while tamping down INFLAMMATION--is a fantastic & feel-good strategy to burn fat and feel energized...Plus please check out my tips to get the most from this course, as well.

Module 1: Welcome to Eating for Energy


I'm excited to Welcome you to this step-by-step & very do-able Action Guide...with my experience & fabulous results you can get excited about, too.

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Let's get Anti-Inflammatory

9 big keys WHY focusing on "getting anti-inflammatory" is the path to feeling GOOD & being able to burn fat...

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Are there really “Perfect Nutrients?”

so you may be wondering...are there really “Perfect Nutrients?” Plus...a brief history of Inflammation & how to get the most out of this Guide.

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