Meet your new instructor

Welcome--my name is Theresa and I'm excited to help you get into a FLOW with Booty Fitness & Dance!


Get into the power & pleasure of moving your Booty...and perk up!.


Give yourself the gift of BodyTime & moving to music.


Ditch the boring cardio...get Booty Fit with the SWING & shakin' it.

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Join one of my online dance or booty pump workout programs. You get instant access to the workouts in an easy-to-use online studio. Check out the short video & Click below to learn more!

How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days! 
Dance Program--available now

Booty Fit
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Fire Up & Strengthen Your Glutes

I believe that our pleasure is deeply connected to our Hips & our Booty. And when you enjoy firing up your glutes & werking them...Not only will you fire up the largest muscle groups in your body–your glutes, quads & hamstrings–to burn fat (when combined with a nutrient-rich diet, of course)…

You’re going to lift & firm your booty...improve your posture…And tap into your natural sensuality when you move…

"These videos are not only a great workout, it’s also a HUGE stress reliever and makes you feel sexy!...Have fun shaking that booty!”"

Flavia Del Monte

"It’s my favorite thing lately, shaking my booty...I feel so much more free in my body and I love shaking it."

Noga Vilozny

"I love dancing because I feel very present and connected in my body and Soul when I dance. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful inspiration..."

Claire Bettesworth

I believe that our Pleasure is deeply connected to our Booty and Hips…

And when you set aside the time to have fun with my Bootylicious Strength Training & my Dance videos...I know you'll find that they feel really good on your body...they're a great form of "movement meditation"...and it's fun and satisfying to squeeze & release your glutes.

Hi! My name is Theresa and I'm here to help

My name is Theresa Stevens and I'm a certified personal trainer & sports nutrition advisor and booty shakin' dance teacher. And I'm a new mom, too! I'm excited to share about being in a FLOW with a *lifestyle-version of fitness*…

Booty-focused, full-body workouts
Eating for Energy...
Feeling Sensual & IN your body with Dancing!
Getting minimal with fun home workouts...
And loving Samba dance, too

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Get Concentric

Concentric training means focusing on Contracting/pumping your muscles…and not having much weight for the lowering or Eccentric part of the move. When you focus on the Pump, or the Contraction…you can get:

muscle-building results
more energy, post-workout 
help to improve metabolism
perky, lifted glutes
& a bigger booty optionally too
fun with short home workouts
improved posture
less clutter with less gear
joy in learning something new
a consistent FLOW 

Booty Fit workouts coming soon!

Join my Dance Community!

"After dancing with Theresa for a few days in a row, I was surprised that my body started moving in ways that I never thought it could move before. It was exciting and it felt good. And it's not just while I am doing the dance videos...

when I am out in my real life, I feel like I am holding myself differently, walking differently, just more free and feminine and beautiful. And that is definitely a testament to the  videos and Theresa.." -Lauren 

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