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Here’s a bit more about the 4 emails you’re about to receive, each with these “subject lines”:

Be sure to check your email--with the email address you used to purchase the program, for these 4 emails:

1. “Congratulations! (your membership has been approved)”

This email is just letting you know that your purchase was successful….no action is needed on your part.


2. Welcome to Booty Pump (quick start tips)

This welcome newsletter shares a few quick start navigation tips to help yo navigate the membership site and welcome you to the program…please open this email and check it out...


3. “[Booty Pump studio] Username/Password”

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Then, because we have a few systems hooked together to provide the fabulous workout App (powered by the platform Trainerize) and our private community forum…it can take up to 15 minutes to be added to these services.

So within 15 minutes you'll be able to seamlessly log into the Forum, inside the membership site, and take the welcome poll & have fun checking out the forum.

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With the Booty Pump program:

There's nothing to wait for in the mail...and you have instant access...and I'm looking forward to sharing this with you!

To get started with your Action Guide:

Please Click Here to enter the membership site:

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**If you don't receive this email or you lose your password, there's still a way for you to login:

Simply go to and Click the Blue phrase "Lost Your Password?" in the Left Sidebar of the page.

Then on the following screen, enter in the email address that you used to purchase the product, and you will receive a new email with your login and password information.

If you need any help logging in, please contact our Customer Support team so that we can that can assist you!

Please Contact our Customer Support team:
You can email:

Or call: 515.373.8193

After you Log-In:

After you log into the Membership Site, then Click on the tab:

The Booty Pump Guide--Here you will find quick-start directions and a menu to access the Eating for Energy guide, dance videos & community forum.

Do you need more Help??

If you need any help, please contact our Customer Support team: 

You can email:

Or call: 515.373.8193

Thank you so much!

With lots of love & joy in the beauty of the firmly shaking booty,

Theresa Marie

Samba Dancer, Booty Pump coach 

Creator of The Booty Pump workout app

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