Get your *glow up* on--
with freely shaking your hips & booty!

Have fun dancing with these 2 full-length dance videos

are you ready to feel uplifted & energized?

Ok--so one of the fastest ways to feel uplifted & energized in my experience is to DANCE. 

And not just any type of Dancing...I highly recommend dancing with what I like to call the "pleasure center" of your body: your HIPS & your Booty.

Not only will you get a great cardio workout--moving the core of your body to hot Brazilian original beats...

I can also teach you how to "play the music" with your Hips with my warmup technique...

And how to freely shake your Booty, too!

get my dance video:
HOw to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days!

Get my full-length, instant access How To Shake Your Booty in 30 Days! dance video--a fabulous stand-alone dance cardio workout with added benefits: 

I expand on an Afro-Brazilian dance warmup technique that helps you enjoy being a more sensual & fabulous dancer--by literally "playing the music" with your Hips. Plus, you'll learn how to freely Shake. Your. Booty., too.

plus get:
Intro to Samba hips

Plus, you'll also get my Intro to Samba Hips dance video. Have fun getting started with one of the sexiest and most joyful dance styles on the planet--the dance of Samba. Connect to Afro-Brazilian dance, with your Hips.

 how to shake your booty in 30 days
dance program

This dance video set is back available & on sale! Over 1,000 people around the world have joined my dance challenge & loved these videos. And the time is NOW, because truly--you want to have fun working it at HOME--and what better way than dancing with your HIPS & freely shaking your Booty, right?

get your cardio on

Online Course

Have fun getting sweaty with Afro-Brazilian dance! These dance videos are stand-alone dance workout videos. When you dance with your hips & engage your core and glutes, you get a much more effective, fat-burning workout with dancing.

freely shake your booty

Step 2

And YES--I'm going to teach you exactly how to shake your booty with my loved & very successful technique in this video. 🙂

be a better dancer

Step 2

So I basically expanded on the traditional Afro-Brazilian dance class warmup & turned it into a tested & loved technique to sensually "play the music" with your Hips. Feel confident with dancing...

get excited about Brazilian Samba

Step 2

Plus, I'm going to share a way to start dancing Brazilian Samba--by dancing with your Hips! You get a second full-length dance video, too.

play the music with your body

Step 2

I believe out Hips & Booty are the "pleasure center" of our bodies...and when you feel confident moving them in every'll enjoy connecting your movement to MUSIC.

feel energized & sexy

Step 6

And I'm including dance tutorials as a bonus and a little mini ebook on how to get into the joy of dancing...what I like to call "BodyJoy." Feel confident & sexy with dancing...and just get a great workout at home too. Glow Up, check.

Satisfied Booty Shaker:


"With all this dancing I've lost about 10 pounds and I feel amazing. I feel great not because of what I lost but because of the energy and self-confidence I've gained. I'm now completely addicted to dancing...

I started going to a world dance class, and this past Tuesday the teacher had us shake our booty and I was shaking it so well she asked me to come up to the front of the class! Without your videos I could have never done that, or done that with such joy..."


How to shake your booty in 30 days dance program

You're not only going to enjoy shaking your hips and booty with my two full-length dance videos—I’m also giving you some short & fabulous tools to have the most fun with my Dance Program:

You're also getting

These smokin' hot dancer support tools with my program:

2 Full-Length Dance Videos

Online Course

Have fun with these Booty Shakin' Dance Videos...How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days! is my foundational dance video that teaches you exactly how to dance with your hips and freely shake your booty....Plus, be sure to apply your new hip & booty shaking skills to one of the most sensual and fun dance styles on the planet: the dance of Samba.


Step 2

Each time before you get started dancing...You need to warm up your body and your muscles first.

AND you need to "wake up" and fire up the muscles that will be asking to werk! These moves activate your Hip, Booty & Back muscles and help you to gently increase your range of motion through these dynamic warmup moves.

We especially want to fire up your booty muscles...your gluteus maximus, minimus and your hip flexors (to get better hip release & glute activation). These warmup moves are also great for building booty muscle too! 

Perk up your glutes with this warmup.


Step 2

Enjoy this cool down and full body & booty stretch guide for after you dance.


Step 2

Extra tutorial videos to help you get the most out of "How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days!" 

These have been my most frequently asked dance questions.

30 days to dance your way to bodyjoy ebook

Step 2

Dance your way to what I love to call BodyJoy--with 10 glowup movement ideas & inspiration for you.

samba resource guide

Step 6

Keep going with your Samba dancing! I share how to access the BEST ONLINE zoom Afro-Brazilian Samba dance classes.

And YES--I really can teach you how to dance with your Hips 

AND freely shake your Booty!

About Your instructor

theresa Stevens

Hello! I'm honored to have studied and performed Brazilian Samba dance with incredible teachers...and to share my dance technique that's expands on the traditional Afro-Brazilian dance warmup. My technique has helped over 1,000 women & men around the world feel confident & fabulous with dancing! 

I've been teaching dance the past 10 years and also love being a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition advisor. I love sharing dance and celebrating the beauty of the shaking booty! 

I'm looking forward to dancing with you--come join us and have fun. 

Let's Dance:


"After dancing with Theresa for a few days in a row, I was surprised that my body started moving in ways that I never thought it could move before. It was exciting and it felt good. 

And it's not just while I am doing the dance videos—when I am out in my real life, I feel like I am holding myself differently, walking differently, just more free and feminine and beautiful."


Have the most fun shaking it &
get a great workout and glow-up on
at home!

Have fun with these dance videos...enjoy dancing as a great at-home workout, and as a way to connect with the "pleasure center" of your body (your hips & booty)...and get your Glow Up ON with dancing. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can use my dance program for 30 days, and if for any reason you don't feel like I've kept my promise to deliver an incredible training that gives you the understanding of how to have the most fun shakin' can return it and receive your money back!

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