Quick Tips for how to use the APP

How to download & starting using the APP (on your phone or tablet)

You’ll get an email with the subject line "Welcome to Get Lifted," sent to the email address that you used to join this program.

Click the green button inside this email that says “Set Up your Account.

Just enter a few details here in order to setup your new workout APP…and follow the directions to download the App from the Google Play or Apple App Store…

Then, you'll be all setup with the Get Lifted workout plan inside the app.


How to access the workouts on DESKTOP (on your computer)

You can also access the Workout Plan on desktop as well here:

Access Get Lifted workouts on Desktop

Watch this Quick Start Video ^^^ to learn how to use the app & track your workouts!

Check out in the video above:

—0:15 Menu Items (bottom of App)

—0:22 Calendar section…how to checkin & track, where to find Form & Tempo directions, how to enter weight used, reps…how to use the Timer

—1:56 Be sure to click “Save” on the top Right

—2:06 How to reschedule workout days to go with your weekly schedule (3 bubbles, top right in App)

—2:28 “Plans” in bottom menu…includes quick tips to get hot results (ie, reminder of what the TEMPO numbers mean)


Ok, now that you know how to navigate around & use the APP…check out my tips to get HOT RESULTS with a low volume of sets next…

And be sure to ask me any questions you have over email too!


So excited to werk it with you!