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Before & After Photos...and Waist-to-Hip Ratio:

I do totally recommend taking before & after photos...And using a soft tape measure and taking your waist-to-hip ratio measurements, as both are excellent ways to track your progress.

More about how to do this below.

Visually seeing how your clothes fit differently…and taking your waist-to-hip ratio measurements…are the best ways to TRACK your success.

Weighing yourself on the scale is not the best measurement of success, especially if you're doing strength training workouts…as muscle weighs more than body fat, so your weight may go up, down or stay the same as you lose body fat & build muscle.

So ditch the scale and have fun with these two suggestions, instead:

1. BEFORE & AFTER photos

You will want these at the end of the challenge, too! Go ahead and take a few photos right as you begin the Challenge...and on the last day of the Challenge, too! 🙂 

I recommend wearing an outfit that is form-fitting. There is 0% need to wear your underwear or your bathing suit, unless that is what you prefer to wear.

I think wearing yoga pants, skinny jeans or a form-fitting dress makes the whole process feel better to do personally…and believe me, you WILL be able to see your booty start to lift, round & perk up in a form-fitting outfit.

Then…as you take your Before Photos, at the start of the workout plan…what I want to invite you to do is:

Don't Judge Your Body In The Mirror until the end of the program. Don't get out of the shower and analyze yourself & check to "see" if there is any progress. The reality is that it takes TIME to build muscle and burn fat…and if you're checking in every single day, trying to notice a change…you will feel discouraged.

So…no judging your body & checking in until the end of the initial 4 weeks and then 12 week completion…then you can see what has happened! And I think you will be very pleased with the bootylicious results! 🙂

Booty Pose suggestions:

Use a full length mirror or a friend. I highly recommend these 3 booty photos:

Pose #1: Front pose. Stand with your posture natural and your arms at your side. I recommend standing in front of a full length mirror or having a friend help.

Pose #2: Side pose.  Stand with your posture natural and your arms at your side, with your booty SIDE towards the mirror or camera.

Pose #3: Twist Hips Toward Mirror. Start with your body parallel with the mirror (like in the second pose)...and then slightly Twist your Hips towards the show a flattering "eclipse" back view of your booty.

Look over your shoulder and admire yourself for a second, before snapping the picture others will soon be admiring. *I recommend wearing the same outfit in ALL 3 photos, though!*


Go for standing with these same "booty positions"...and same outfit & location preferably too... for your After Photos as well! Because then you'll really be able to compare "apples" to "apples" yes 🙂

Have fun with it...and have fun getting started with the workouts!

2. Take your Hip to Waist Measurements

Hip to Waist Measurement: you can grab a soft tape measure...and measure these 2 parts of your body and write it down in a safe place.

I personally EMAIL them to myself, and then archive the email...and later I can pull it up by doing a search. Or save in the "notes" section of your phone...wherever is safe, accessible & convenient.

So with a soft tape measure, take these measurements:

A. Waist (around the narrowest part of your waist)

B. Hips (right where your legs go into your Hip sockets, which also happens to be the thickest/fly-est part of your booty)

This is a great way to see your progress...All right, great! Don't forget to email these to yourself or store them some place safe.

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