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Top 5 Booty Building Secrets

Out at dinner, while the others chatted, my friend leaned over to me and asked…

Well, how do you grow your booty actually?

 I would really like to have a bigger, round butt.

So glad she asked! Here are my top Booty Building Secrets I've learned over the past 5 years...after working with an internationally-famous strength training coach & realizing my glutes had looked way better before (see #3)...rolling through Brett Contreras' wisdom...getting too big back there (don't worry, see #4)...and perking up again after childbirth...

I'm very excited to share my Top 5 Booty Building Secrets--and how they are woven into these Booty Pump workouts-- with you, too!

The Swing lifts, tightens & rounds your booty...
you need a little more to grow a *bigger* booty

OK, so the 2-handed kettlebell swing lifts & rounds your booty! It makes it more dense & "tight." So if that is the booty look you're after--it's truly all you need! Rock that swing 3x a week with the right weight fort you...and enjoy the perky results! 🙂

However, some people want a BIGGER booty...and that is going to take doing a little extra glute werk. Skip the dangerous BBL procedure & get true satisfaction from my optional Booty Builder workout that you can add in 1x a week.

So an example schedule could be:

Monday--Swing workout


Wed--Swing workout


Fri--Swing workout

Sat--Optional Booty Builder workout


And read on for my top 5 Booty Building secrets...

Let's get bootylicious

And…you may have heard me say this before and I’ll say it again…it makes working out really FUN to focus on :

a. using your booty when you move

b. enjoying your results by watching your booty transform back there! 🙂

Your glute muscles do respond relatively quickly to working them…so that is indeed very inspiring…to reach around when you wake up in the morning (as muscle typically builds and repairs as you rest, so morning time can be really exciting sometimes to see new changes :))…anyways to reach around in the morning and feel your booty lifting, rounding & perking up back there. Super inspiring to keep going…

And it’s fun having a round booty too. Look HOT in leggings...have built-in comfortable seating & great posture...lots of perks…

Ok, SO, here’s what I learned from reading glute building research and then applying it for extended periods of time:

1. Activation WarmUps

Posture researcher Dr. Stuart McGill showed that your glutes fall asleep from too much SITTing on your booty & they don't just automatically turn themselves back on, when you get UP from sitting!

The Solution: in these Booty Fit workouts, we're going to do warm up moves to activate or *turn on* your glutes, essentially building and strengthening your mind-body, mind-booty connection…and get your glutes to SQUEEZE and release at will…

So go for Activating your Glutes with these  bodyweight glute-only warm up moves, before you workout (or before you dance or walk too…)

Each time you do the included Booty WarmUps--you're going to be building a strong neural pathway to squeeze & release this foundational muscle group.

First goal: Build a strong mind-muscle connection
It takes time and practice to build those neural pathways!!
Activation WarmUps are key

2. Booty Only *BODYWEIGHT* Moves

This is a 2-part strategy...First…I've found that you need to use workout moves that *just* use your glutes, You want to isolate them. I know a lot of people think that squatting & deadlifting (compound moves that can use your glutes) are the best booty builders…but the truth was also found in a seminal ACE glutes study…

That not THAT much action is happening in your glutes with squats & deadlifts…

If you really want to see things change, you want to use moves that mainly *isolate* your glute bridges & donkey kicks…

AND, you often hear the advice to “lift heavy”…well guess what with glutes…this same ACE study found that initially, you can build more booty muscle with BODYWEIGHT moves, rather than weighted moves. So, we're going to enjoy bodyweight, glute-isolation moves in these workouts for the win.

You can get FANTASTIC booty building results with just your bodyweight & strategically using booty-only moves.

3. For the love of Concentric

All right, so using a mainly Concentric movement is really, really good for your lifelong muscle health & full-body energy! First, I was so excited to read a Dr. Stuart McGill muscle study on the kettlebell swing--the KB swing is mainly a concentric move via contracting your posterior chain & uses momentum for the eccentric phase--yes!

Rocking a concentric strength training move is so great because it has the effect of being energy-producing & anabolic (mitochondria-building) for your entire Ray Peat details:

“Concentric resistance training has an anabolic effect on the whole body. Sprinting is probably o.k. Endurance exercise is the worst. I don’t think martial arts are necessarily too stressful.”

“Exercise physiologists, without mentioning functional systems, have recently discovered some principles that extend the discoveries of Meerson and Anokhin. They found that “concentric” contraction, that is, causing the muscle to contract against resistance, improves the muscle’s function, without injuring it. (Walking up a mountain causes concentric contractions to dominate in the leg muscles. Walking down the mountain injures the muscles, by stretching them, forcing them to elongate while bearing a load; they call that eccentric contraction.) Old people, who had extensively damaged mitochondrial DNA, were given a program of concentric exercise, and as their muscles adapted to the new activity, their mitochondrial DNA was found to have become normal.” --Ray Peat

The  concentric-focused swing helps you build muscle without injuring it with a loaded eccentric portion...having more muscle helps you burn more fat at rest too...

And if you don't try to overdo your workouts--they leave you feeling more energized afterwards, than before you started!

These are all reasons why I love the 2 handed kettlebell swing...and it's quite grounding, too. You’re not running or jumping around, it’s way more of a grounded move…and still you get sweaty and you can really BREATH & release stress with this move! 

All while not getting out-of-breath at the same time, as well.


The kettlebell swing really LIFTS your glutes UP your backside…and it’s very effective for both building muscle AND burning fat (with nutrient-dense foods and getting good sleep).

Best move for tight, firm, lifted glutes:
Kettlebell Swing

The KB swing gives you tight, lifted perky glutes —tight and lifted, I tell you! ! It trims down your booty, making it round & righteous...

And the optional Booty Builder glute workout uses Concentric moves, too.

Your glutes are your powerhouse--your engine. 

They fire up for explosive movement (that's why football & basketball players train them and look so great in their sporting gear :))...and they make maintaining/having good posture easier...being able to briskly walk with ease...and they make dancing even more fun, when you add some booty shaking into your moves. 🙂

Have fun with the kettlebell swing & other concentric moves coming your way in these workouts...and let's get anabolic, functional & fabulous.

And then optionally if you...

4. Want a bigger booty?

Then yes--glute activation warmups, bodyweight glute isolation moves and the kettlebell swing exercise all build a firm, lifted booty.

If you want to add SIZE to your glutes (and not just firmness)...then in Month 3 I suggest adding a little weight to your glute-isolation moves. A little weight goes a long way, no need to go heavy...and I don't recommend adding a little extra weight UNTIL your mind-booty muscle connection is firmly established. 

I share an option to do this in Month 3.

Also, I got to the point where my booty was getting too big for me...and if that happens, take off the added weight & you’re not stuck at that size, it will get smaller again 🙂

Add a little extra weight in Month 3 if you want bigger glutes 

5. Rest....especially your Lower Back & Hamstrings

First, as much as movement is a part of fitness and building a booty…muscle actually  is “built” in the space in-between your workouts. And that is awesome.

Resting is actually a part of fitness…and your glutes need time between workouts to build & grow. I just love that! When I’m resting, I’m still being a *fit* healthy/doing good stuff for my health, person. Nice!

Second, you only want to workout your Hamstrings at most three-times a week...they need time to rest and they can easily get over-worked. So I highly recommend following the workout plan as written...and do the Optional Booty Building workout 1x a week...

And get into a CONSISTENT flow with your kettlebell swing workouts!


Posterior Chain! (my glutes in 2010 with the KB Swing)

And…yes, when you use the largest muscle group in your body (your glutes)…and strengthen your entire posterior chain…it does feel like “zipping yourself up” in a form fitting dress at first…

However, the Booty Fit workouts--when you do them consistently & get into a FLOW with doing them...loving the "minimal effective dose" and daily action of walking & getting excited for your workouts...

They will feel balanced and energizing, too.

And again, building muscle is your friend. When you have more muscle in your body, it GIVES you energy (sounds so weird, but it’s true)…muscle itself is vibrantly attractive & you can see it moving under your skin, even when you’re starting out…

The glutes are the biggest muscle group in your body! I do like thinking of them as your engine…rev them up & stoke the fire in your body! 

And it feels really good to squeeze & release them

Enjoy the process and the results, beauty

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